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Master Sha Tao Chang Open House, Honolulu, Thursdays*

Master Sha Tao Chang Open House, Honolulu, Thursdays*

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Master Sha Tao Center warmly invites you to a Tao Chang Open House. Tao Chang means Source Field. Tao Chang is the Source field that can transform all aspects of life. A collection of Tao Calligraphy, written by Dr and Master Sha with the unique calligraphy art form of Yi Bi Zi, Oneness writing, creates this powerful field. Infused with Tao love and light, each Tao Calligraphy carries the purest essence of Tao, which is emptiness or nothingness.Because the Tao Chang carries the essence of Tao Source and Creator, it is beyond powerful and effective for blessing health, nourishing relationships and finances, increasing intelligence, enlightening soul, heart, mind and body and for all aspects of life.

During Open House you will experience the field created with the collection of Tao Calligraphy. You will learn more about Tao Calligraphy and practices to bring Source essence to your soul, heart, mind and body for healing and transformation.

Step into the Tao Chang and experience the Source Field!


October - 4
November - 1
December - 6, 20

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