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Tao Wellness Evening, Honolulu, HI (Wednesdays)*

Tao Wellness Evening, Honolulu, HI (Wednesdays)*

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I have the power to create soul healing miracles.  You have the power to create soul healing miracles. Together we have the power to create soul healing miracles to transform all life. – Dr and Master Sha

Experience Tao Miracle Healing for your health, finances, relationships and other aspects of life with Dr and Master Sha’s Worldwide Representatives, Master Ximena Gavino, Da Tao Channel, Master Pam Uyeunten, Tao Channel and Master Diane Fujio,  Tao Channel.

During this special evening, participants will receive Tao healing blessings with Tao sacred mantras, Tao healing and rejuvenation practices, Tao Calligraphies, and more, from Master Sha’s Divine Channels and Worldwide Representatives.

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Tao Miracle Healing brings the frequency and vibration from the Source to remove the soul, mind, and body blockages causing pain and suffering in any area of life. Around the world people are experiencing relief from chronic pain, boost in energy and stamina, increased mobility and agility, balanced emotions, improved memory, increased intelligence and much more.



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