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Master Sha has made a commitment to serve and to transform the consciousness of humanity and all souls. He is a New York Times best-selling author of eleven books; these can be found at bookstores and through online bookseller. Many are available as audiobooks (CDs or MP3). Several books are translated into German, Spanish, and other languages forthcoming.

Master Sha also offers a wide range of classes, retreats, teleconferences and video conferences where he teaches and offers healing blessings to all. His website www.DrSha.com lists events and provides other information about Master Sha. Many classes, a number of them suitable for beginners, are offered through Tao Academy™. As an important part of their commitment to serve, Master Sha and his team offer many free services. We invite you to take advantage of these, and to share these free services with your friends, family members and loved ones.


Many people have asked how to begin learning about Master Sha.
We have several suggestions:

The Website

Visit:  www.DrSha.com
Explore the Home page and click on: Getting started…What is Soul Healing?

At the top of the webpage is a navigational bar with links to a great deal of information.
Take a look at:

Soul Masters Movie

You can purchase a DVD, view a streaming video, and may also be able to view this video at one of Master Sha’s Healing Centers (Toronto, Canada; San Francisco, CA; Honolulu, HI; Boulder, CO; and Frankfurt, Germany; specific locations under www.DrSha.com, Global Network, Healing Centers) or at a Power of Soul group meeting. Find the Power of Soul groups under Global Services on the website.

Daily Tao Song for Healing
Tao Song is the highest and most profound Soul Song. It carries Tao frequency and vibration, with Tao love and forgiveness, Tao compassion and Tao light. Master Sha’s Tao song is one of the highest and most powerful healing blessings and life transformation treasures for humanity, Mother Earth and all souls. Listen everyday to one or all as many times as you would like. Please share these powerful blessings with family and friends. Click here.

CDs for Chanting

Master Sha teaches that chanting and singing have the power to heal and transform ourselves, others, and the world. His Divine Soul Song, Love, Peace and Harmony is a beautiful and powerful song channeled from the Divine for healing purposes.

Master Sha suggests playing it as much as possible as well as chanting it throughout the day.

Tao Chanting Weekly Practice

Learn to chant the sacred Tao texts of the Tao Jing and the Immortal Tao songs to heal and rejuvenate your soul, mind, heart and body. Gain insight into the significance of each line of the Tao text given to Master Sha by the Tao. Tao healing is advanced soul healing. To practice the Tao is to do advanced soul practice.

We welcome you to join this complimentary weekly teleclass with hundreds of people worldwide to chant the sacred Tao text. It is especially recommended for those attending the Tao II Retreat and the 10-year Tao Training Program.

Click here to register to receive participation instructions by email.

Sing the Divine Soul Song Love, Peace and Harmony as much as you can. This Divine Soul Song can help you pass spiritual testing and uplift your soul standing further and further. To sing is to serve. Remember to invite all souls to join you in chanting. Sing along with Love Peace Harmony on YouTube – click here.

Soul Healing Miracles Weekly Practice

Saturdays, usually at 11:00 AM, Pacific Time, Master Sha and his worldwide representatives offer healing and teaching on a live webcast and simultaneously by teleconference. This is a weekly opportunity to experience Master Sha and his worldwide representatives offering live teachings and healing. Please register for these free sessions by using the Events Calendar found under Events and Services at www.DrSha.com. You are required to register for each Saturday event separately, and will receive the call in number and pass code or website link by email.

Visit Tao Academy

Tao Academy's™ mission is to teach and spread the power of soul. In their programs and courses, you will learn soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and practical techniques to transform your health and prevent sickness; rejuvenate your soul, heart, mind, and body; transform relationships, finances, and more.

Visit the website at: www.taoacademy.com

Join a local “Power of Soul” Group
Master Sha’s advanced students, who are certified Soul Healing Teachers and Healers, offer groups that meet around the country and around the world to practice chanting and offer and receive healing blessings. Many of these groups offer ongoing classes too. To find a Power of Soul group in your area, see a list of groups at: Soul Power Groups.

Master Sha teaches us:

Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow.®

In Summary:

  • Watch the video, Soul Masters
  • Read Master Sha’s Soul Power Series books (Soul Communication, Sha’s Golden Healing Ball, or Soul, Mind, Body Medicine® are good to begin) and listen to the audio tapes of these books (visit Amazon.com to order).
  • Seriously practice the exercises in the books.
  • Develop a daily practice of chanting, soul communication, and meditation
  • Join Master Sha's Blog
  • Register for a beginner’s class through Soul Power Institute
  • Register for and watch Soul Healing Miracles Weekly Practice webcast / teleconference on Saturdays
  • Participate in the daily chanting groups by teleconference
  • Attend a Power of Soul Group
  • Drink Soul Healing Water to heal any condition or situation.This water is blessed by Master Sha each Sunday
    Click here to register
  • Explore the website www.DrSha.com

For further information and assistance, please visit https://support.drsha.com.

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