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Love Meditation, Tuesday Evenings, HI *

Love Meditation, Tuesday Evenings, HI *

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The Love Peace Harmony World Family was launched by Master Sha March 26, 2013, in San Francisco CA to gather people from all over the world into strong and enduring family-like communities where everyone feels welcomed, loved and supported. The purpose of these groups is to help everyone on Mother Earth live healthier and happier lives by creating Love, Peace, and Harmony inside each person and throughout Mother Earth.

We have been empowered by the Divine to change what exists worldwide; to transform suffering to Love, Peace, and Harmony. This program creates the opportunities and resources to help everyone learn to do this and to serve the world together.

Please note: No events on May 7, 21, 28

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Every Tuesday evening, the Hawaii Love Peace Harmony World Family members join as one. The meeting is hosted at Master Sha’s Tao Healing Center in Honolulu, and we connect to neighbor island healers and groups via teleconference. We sing the Divine soul song of Love, Peace and Harmony; we share our healing stories; we offer group healing blessings to support each other on our soul journey.



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