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Developing the Foundation to Open your Spiritual Channels, Portland, OR | 2021 JUNE Webcast

Developing the Foundation to Open your Spiritual Channels, Portland, OR | 2021 JUNE Webcast

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Everybody wants to see angels and hear clear messages from heaven. This 4-week course includes a 2 hour class every Tuesday from 7-9 pm. These practices and teachings were originally developed by Master Sha himself. Each session in this course builds a sustainable foundation to strengthen the sacred and secret energy centers that create well developed and open spiritual channels.

There are 2 enrollment options:

Option1. Foundation to Open your Spiritual Channels – Weekly 2 hour Training Sessions – $95 USD

Option 2.  Foundation to Open your Spiritual Channels course and full enrollment in the Monthly Wellness program (normally $149 by itself). The full wellness program includes 12 Tao Calligraphy Healing Field sessions (3 per week) and Tuesday to Friday morning and evening practice sessions – $195 USD

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In this program you will learn secrets and practices to enhance:

  • Lower Dantian – The core of immunity, stamina, vitality, and boundless energy. A well-developed Lower Dantian equals long life.
  • Kundalini (Snow Mountain) – A well known but little understood energy center. Learn the deep secrets and special ancient practices to develop this center and strengthen it to open the 3rd eye.
  • Message Center (Heart Center) – The most important of all chakras. This center when released of blockages can literally open the doorway to a better life. An open message center equates to pure clear message from heaven.
  • 3rd Eye (Spiritual vision) – Who doesn’t want to see angels or heavens animals and more. Every human is born with a 3rd eye. Discover the secret practices of the ancient masters for developing the ability to clearly see visions and images from heaven.
  • Zu Qiao – a little known energy center that sits directly between the eyebrows just inside the skull. This energy center is called the intelligence center. A well-developed Zu Qiao equals a well-developed brain.  When activated it can cause increased soul and heart wisdom.

This unique program sets the foundation for more advanced courses. New students are strongly encouraged to attend.


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